McDonald’s VS USA: Cold War Coming Against McFlurry’s Backdrop?

The Federal Trade Commission is interested in McDonald’s famous McFlurry machines, and they are not going to beat around the bush (ice cream).

An icy wind is blowing across the Atlantic. McFlurry’s Making Machine McDonald’s would have an annoying tendency to break down. In the United States, this problem is so recurrent that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) – the American federal agency dedicated to enforcing consumer law and controlling anti-competitive practices – begins to look into the case of this famous machine. According to the Wall Street Journal, relayed by Engadget, the FTC reportedly asked McDonald’s restaurants to provide more information on their experience with the McFlurry machines.

Cold snap on the McFlurry machine builder

Why do simple McFlurry machines interest the FTC? Quite simply because they would be particularly difficult to repair, to the point of becoming a meme for McDonald’s employees across the Atlantic.

The only company that makes these machines, Taylor, is itself the subject of several complaints because of an aggressive policy aimed at preventing restaurants from repairing them. Not only are these machines very complex to repair, but only a technician certified by Taylor is authorized to come and do it in an equipped restaurant. This would be particularly problematic as wait times for repairs have grown significantly during the health crisis.

It is not yet a federal investigation at this point. For now, the FTC would seek primarily to collect a number of testimonies to determine how often employees of McDonald’s are allowed to repair these machines.

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