NFT: he buys a fake Banksy for over $ 300,000

An investor thought he was getting a good deal by buying the first NFT signed by the famous street artist Banksy.

For months, the NFT make the headlines in the tech news. These non-fungible tokens have the particularity of being based on the same technology that secures cryptocurrencies, the blockchain. As a result, NFTs are particularly suited to the art market, since it is possible to authenticate an item as being unique using a tamper-proof digital certificate of authenticity.

What if most auctions of this type of property – some of which have reached memories – have gone without a hitch since the start of the year, others have turned out to be scams.

This is how an Internet user by the name of Pranksy thought he was getting a good deal by offering himself what seemed to be Banksy’s very first NFT, a pixelated digital artwork depicting a man smoking a cigarette in front of a factory.

After buying the work for 100 ETH, or around 338,000 dollars, he quickly realized the deception. It is difficult to doubt the integrity of the work at the time of purchase, since the work was even presented on Banksy’s official website. However, after she transferred the funds, she suddenly disappeared from the site and the spokesperson for the artist explained that Banksy had never created any NFT.

And the most astonishing thing in this story is that the con artist quickly returned to Pransky, reimbursing him for his entire purchase. “I have no idea why he returned the funds”, explained the investor. “I think I have found his trace and that he has been informed” he concludes. All’s well that ends well, then.

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