Philips Hue and Spotify team up to change the way you enjoy music

Anyone who has a Philips Hue intelligent lighting system at home today receives news that will make them very happy. Starting today it is possible to integrate a Spotify account with a Philips Hue lighting system.

This is the lighting brand’s first integration with a music playback system. The goal is to provide its users with a more immersive experience while they enjoy their favorite music.

Spotify is now integrated into the Philips Hue app

This partnership will allow your home’s lighting system to react according to the music you are listening to. It is a real-time integration, allowing the lights to change their behavior and color according to a certain song.

The beat of the music, its genre or the mood are some of the deciding factors for the behavior of Philips Hue lights. It is important, however, to emphasize that this will only work with colored lights, therefore, this may require an additional investment for those who want to take advantage of this novelty.

This integration between Spotify and Philips Hue will take place through the application of the latter. In it you’ll find a new “Synchronize” tab where you’ll be able to customize various parameters of your experience.

There you will find the necessary options for your lights to react the way you want to your favorite songs. It will be possible to modify its brightness, intensity, patterns and colors for a truly unique effect.

Spotify Philips Hue

The reaction between the music and your Philips Hue lights will be mediated by a new algorithm capable of analyzing the metadata of each song in real time. Only then will you find a perfect reaction and no need for additional microphones.

This means you can sing while listening to your music without interfering with the light reaction patterns. It will also be possible to use the smartphone while the music is played without side effects.

This integration between Spotify and Philips Hue starts today on the Philips Hue 4 app. It’s still in an early access phase, so you’ll only be able to enjoy the novelty when you’re notified. Its general availability will take place after October 2021.

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