The MacBook Air M1 is at a slashed price (and Cdiscount is giving away the AirPods 2)

Want the new MacBook Air M1 and AirPods 2? Cdiscount offers a pack with the 2 items at a minimum price. This flash offer can disappear at any moment, it is really convincing.

Cdiscount has decided to strike a blow for the start of the school year. Indeed, the French online merchant offers this Tuesday a new convincing offer: it is a pack that allows you to enjoy the latest MacBook Air M1 computer with the excellent AirPods 2. This 2-in-1 discount is ultra advantageous, it increases the price of the latest MacBook Air M1 and AirPods 2 to 1,129 euros instead of 1,308 euros.

To see the offer on the MacBook Pro M1, it’s here:

See the Cdiscount offer

With this special offer from Cdiscount, you can combine two of the most popular products at Apple – the MacBook Air M1 and the AirPods 2. For this offer, you have the choice between 3 colors for the laptop (as at the official brand ): gray, space gray and gold. Remember not to wait any longer to save money because it will not stay available for long.

An offer to be seized as soon as possible via Cdiscount

The MacBook Air M1 is the last laptop unveiled by Apple at the end of 2020. Like the models of previous generations, it is light and easy to carry. In addition, he is entitled to the new ultra-powerful M1 chip developed directly by the Apple brand. This new generation is very popular, many models are out of stock.

Cdiscount unveiled a similar offer during the last edition of the summer sales. It’s simple, the shed stayed online for only a few hours and then disappeared due to lack of stock. There is a good chance that it will happen again today, especially knowing that the start of the school year is here and that many French people are looking for a new laptop.

In addition, Apple never lowers the prices of its items directly (Apple Store or the official site) whether they are MacBook Air M1, AirPods 2 or the rest of the range. Even during special operations, the prices remain the same in the US. If it allows certain online merchants – including Cdiscount – to make discounts on its products, it will never reveal such an offer on its site so as not to harm its brand.

When you take the pack with the MacBook Air M1 and AirPods 2 at Cdiscount, you have the same advantages as at the apple brand. The manufacturer’s warranty on the laptop is also 2 years at the cyber-merchant. Whether for the latter or for wireless headphones, it is possible to make an appointment with the Genius Bar (in the Apple Stores) to take advantage of the advice provided in the official stores.

If you fall for this offer, you have 14 days to return MacBook Air M1 and AirPods 2 to the merchant in case the items are not suitable for you. Within this period, you have the option of returning your order for a 100% refund. In addition, you can be delivered tomorrow if you are part of the program Cdiscount at will and that you order on time (a counter displays the deadline).

The MacBook Air M1, a high-end laptop

Several years ago, Apple surprised the public by unveiling a laptop so thin it could fit in an envelope. Today, the manufacturer is very successful with its new devices, the MacBook Air M1 retains this finesse and lightness without skimping on technical performance – quite the contrary. In addition, this version is full of new features.

The big update to this MacBook Air M1 isn’t about the design. This model is entitled to the same appearance as the previous range, it benefits from very clean lines for a general rendering delicate and modern at the same time: we find the aesthetics of Apple and its appreciation of sobriety. This version benefits from a 13.3-inch Retina display (with True Tune technology) for a large-format trackpad which is very appreciable in use.

The big highlight of this MacBook Air M1 is the presence of the new M1 chip designed by Apple. This is the first processor developed by the manufacturer and as much to say right away that the latter is very strong in breaking away from its supplier Intel in this way. Performance is significantly improved compared to the previous generation, whether on autonomy or power. It ranks among the best laptops on the market today.

Besides the fact that it is powerful, the MacBook Air M1 also has the advantage of remaining light and thin, it is also Apple’s signature with this model. With a total weight of 1.2 kilograms, it is easily transported on all your travels without taking up too much space in a bag. You can use it anywhere, whether at home, in the office or on public transport.

Note that the autonomy is also more than adequate, it is about fifteen hours with conventional use. Few of the competitors can do as well in the market. This means that you can have peace of mind about your working day even if you forgot your charger. Otherwise, we obviously find all the advantages of the macOS Big Sure operating system and its ease of use. It’s time to make a deal, remember not to wait too long to take advantage of the discount on the laptop … and AirPods 2.

To take advantage of the offer on the MacBook Pro M1, it’s here:

See the Cdiscount offer

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