TikTok is adding educational resources for parents

TikTok is adding educational resources as part of its Family Synchronization tool.

A series of tips and tutorials that address different situations so that parents can talk with their children about the limits that are established on TikTok through the Family Synchronization tool.

TikTok adds resources for parents using Family Sync

Family synchronization is the tool that offers TikTok for parents to link their social network accounts to their children’s. That is, a parental control tool that allows them to configure privacy settings, content, etc.

Following this dynamic, they can set time limits, disable private messages, restrict the visibility of some of their children’s activities, among other actions. And to improve the system that this tool proposes, they are adding a series of educational resources for parents.

Resources that have been created in collaboration with Internet Matters, a nonprofit organization that helps parents consider a number of factors to keep their children safe online. The idea with these resources is that parents understand what it is about TikTok and how you can help your children protect themselves by considering what they think.

We recognize that for caregivers, it can be overwhelming trying to keep up with evolving trends or new platforms, and talking about online safety with your teens can seem overwhelming. We also listen to teens who want their voices to be heard and heard.

So they address a series of situations that deal with privacy, trust in teenage children and the importance of letting them know that they will always be available to talk about any situation that arises on the social network.

Parents who already use this “Family Synchronization” tool will see a notification mentioning to check out these new resources. And those who sign up from now on will see these resources as part of the introduction to this tool.

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