Top Gun 2 and Mission Impossible 7 postponed to 2022

Paramount is shaking up its program, while the Delta variant is progressing in the United States and theater attendance continues to drop. The appointment is now set for 2022 for the two films with Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise will not be returning to our screens this year. The actor, who takes the pandemic very seriously, has postponed the release of his next two productions namely Mission Impossible 7 and Top Gun : Maverick. It was the rise of the Delta variant on American soil that motivated this change of course for Paramount. It must be said that across the Atlantic, the deterioration of the health situation has a heavy impact on the box office. Attendance at theaters has been dropping steadily for several weeks.

Paramount no doubt hopes that this offbeat release will provide a better chance of box office success for both feature films. On the other hand, it is far from the first time that the firm has shaken up its schedule. For Top Gun : Maverick, this is already the fourth time that its release has been postponed. It was due out on our screens in July 2019 before being postponed to July 15, 2020 to give the teams time to refine the aerial footage. Then the pandemic did its work and the film was announced for November of this year. It will finally arrive in May 2022.

Turn in times of pandemic? Mission (almost) impossible

Widely impacted by the pandemic, the seventh installment of the adventures of Ethan Hunt will still be delayed. First film to stop shooting in 2020, when Italy was hit hard by the first wave, Mission Impossible 7 will not finally arrive in May 2022. The appointment is now set for September 30, 2022 in the United States. The 8th part, which was to be shot in stride, is meanwhile delayed. Paramount will give Tom Cruise a break, to leave to prepare for the release of Top Gun : Maverick, revival of the cult film released in 1986.

It remains to be seen whether other studios will take the same path. If the program is loaded for this end of the year, the competition is also much tougher and some feature films could have difficulty winning against the behemoths of Disney and Warner Bros, such as Spider-Man : No Way Home or Matrix : Resurrection.

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