TV prediction games on Facebook, a new project from the social media giant

Facebook returns to bet on the world of games by launching a project called Fantasy Games, initially available in the US and Canada.

Son simple and free prediction games available in the Facebook application for iOS and Android.

The idea is to play topics related to sports, TV shows and pop culture content, although the title draws attention to make us think that it was talking about RPG, with elves, dwarves and the whole mandanga. It is not the case.

They focus on social fun in a simple format, so that anyone can play without prior experience with prediction games.

We will have public leaderboards, possibility to create our own league and compete against friends and other fans. Leagues, which can be public or private, will allow members to compare scores with others in the league and provide a place for members to share picks, reactions, and comments.

LaLiga Santander game and others

The first game available is Pick & Play Sports. Players will earn points for correctly predicting the winner of a great game, the points scored by a top-tier player, or specific events that unfold during a match. Players can earn bonus points for building a streak of correct predictions over a series of days.

In the coming months, they will introduce new games with TV shows like CBS Survivor and ABC’s The Bachelorette, sports leagues such as Major League Baseball and LaLiga Santander.

In television programs we will have to answer a series of questions from the game about the next episode, and those who get it right will earn points.

In the case of the LaLiga Santander season, fans will predict only one team to win that day. Fans will try to build the longest possible streak of correct predictions, but cannot choose the same team twice during a streak.

Access will be from the bookmarks menu and News Feed through notifications.

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