Amazon plans to launch a TV under its own brand, according to report

Within the wide range of services and products that Amazon has in its commercial portfolio, a new category will be integrated shortly.

A recent report published by Business Insider noted that Amazon is working on a television of its own brand, which is expected to launch in October.

Amazon brand televisions, the new thing that will arrive in your catalog

Since the publication of insider report, Amazon has not issued statements that officially endorse or discredit what was announced. So far, it is the only known data source on the subject.

The report indicates that in the first instance this launch would take place during October in the United States, after a preparation process of around two years, delayed by logistical difficulties.

Apart from licensing its software to other hardware manufacturers, such as Toshiba, which integrated Fire TV applications into their televisions, Amazon recently had a first approach to the initiative we are discussing today. In late 2020, the company launched a TV in India under the banner of AmazonBasics, according to the Insider post.

The television that Amazon plans to launch in the United States was managed internally as a secret project, carefully guarded. According to Business Insider, the almost two years of the process of this initiative involved teams from Amazon Devices and Lab126, according to what was reported by people familiar with the situation who preferred to keep their identity confidential.

The report indicates that these televisions would come in models from 55 to 75 inches and would work with Alexa. At least at this stage, the equipment was designed and manufactured by external companies, including TCL, a Chinese company that, in addition to manufacturing televisions marketed under its own brand, has also manufactured copies for Alcatel and Samsung.

With this move, Amazon could begin to make its way into a new area and compete with large companies in the technology sector that also market televisions.

Amazon has the ambition to have the widest range of products and services possible, it is a “mantra” of the company to which they even make a wink in their logo, with the arrow pointing from “a” to “z”. Out of the vast breadth of services and products that can be found today associated with this brand, the speakers with Alexa, plus some appliances launched recently, indicate that Amazon wants to fully enter our homes.

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