BMW presents an electric two-wheeler that is neither a scooter nor a motorcycle

It is neither a scooter nor a motorcycle, but a whole new hybrid and 100% electric concept.

Is it a scooter? Is it a motorcycle? Is this Superman? No, it’s just a new kind of two-wheeler, “A new interpretation of smart urban mobility”, indicates BMW Motorrad. Here is the Concept CE 02, a kind of hybrid device definitely cut out for the city, and that it will be difficult to fit into a box.

BMW Concept CE 02
Credit: BMW Motorrad

Uncommon in appearance – almost a moped – the Concept CE 02 stands out for its design, of course, but it serves a very specific purpose: to address young people and invite new users to learn both – wheels. The vehicle is indeed rather reassuring, with a very low center of gravity for exemplary stability, and several possible positions.

Urban concept obliges, the atypical two-wheeler of BMW Motorrad is 100% electric. It has a battery capable of a range of 90 km, and will be able to provide nearly 11 kW of power to propel its approximately 120 kg. A featherweight.

BMW Concept CE 02
Credit: BMW Motorrad

Unfortunately, while the concept is appealing, there is no question of commercializing it yet. The car manufacturer nevertheless indicates that it wants to refine its prototype before considering the issue, in particular by developing an appropriate driver’s outfit. In any case, we can be confident since another concept of futuristic scooter, the CE 04, has finally found its way into production and will be launched for sale in early 2022.

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