Boursorama Bank. € 130 bonus when opening your account (free)

Boursorama Banque offers an advantage in opening an account this weekend. It is the cheapest bank in France and also the most generous when it opens. You can go there with your eyes closed.

Since 2016, Boursorama Banque has pursued a very aggressive customer acquisition policy. At the same time, it combines an attractive banking offer with financial arguments to attract hundreds of thousands of new customers each year. Elected “Cheapest bank in France” for 13 years, its growth has been extraordinary. And she clearly deserves it.

For this back-to-school weekend, you have the chance to receive an exceptional bonus of 130 euros if you open an account with her. This last one is free, without obligation and without conditions. It is therefore a “real” good plan which does not give you any obligation to domiciliate your funds, nor to make them a main bank account.

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I’m enjoying the Pink Weekend

Online banking offers this maximum bonus if you opt for the Ultim account. This is the standard Boursorama Banque account that comes with a current account and a premium bank card. It is similar to a Visa Premier (with all the benefits, insurance and guarantees that are included) but it is free. Obviously, with such a promise, Boursorama Banque is experiencing insolent growth.

55% of its customers had no bank charges in 2020

Boursorama Banque plays the card of transparency on fees. Last year, more than 55% of its customers did not have any fees. On average, customers paid € 7.75 in fees over the period – which is still extremely low. By way of comparison, the French take out an average of 215 euros in fees every year for their bank. The difference is even greater for the less wealthy French.

By opting for Boursorama Banque, you have all the banking products and services of a traditional bank. We are far from the (limited) payment accounts found in neo-banks. Here you can open a savings account, invest in the stock market, open a life insurance account, take out loans or various insurances. It’s exactly the same range of products as a bank around the corner.

Boursorama Banque knows that customer relations are really essential. It is for this reason that it has set up customer support composed of experts on each of the products. You will therefore be able to have (without delay) these advisers on the phone who will know how to best detail all the products to you. Online banking has also once again snatched 1st place on the Customer Relations Podium (study carried out by Kantar).

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I’m enjoying the Pink Weekend

How to get the bonus at Boursorama Banque?

A few years ago, all online banks offered a welcome bonus. Since then, the market has changed and many banks have struggled to find a viable business model. Bonuses have disappeared (or they have been significantly reduced and conditioned), except at Boursorama Banque. The latter does not hesitate to boost hospitality bonuses – as is the case during this Pink Weekend.

At this time, any first Ultim account opening will be credited with an amount of 130 euros. This is the best offer we could find for Boursorama Banque. In classical times, it offers a maximum premium of 80 euros to reward this act. Again, this is a free, unconditional account. You will not need to make it your main bank, or even to domiciliate your salary.

To obtain the bonus in its entirety, you will need to subscribe to the Ultim account. It is the most popular (archi majority of accounts). A first bonus of 50 euros will be paid to you upon activation of your account. A second of 80 euros will be released when ordering the bank card. Here, too, it’s completely free. The other account available is the formula called Welcome: it is more limited (without overdraft for example) and it only allows you to touch 80 euros.

To get the start of the new school year off right, you have a double opportunity to save money. First of all on the exceptional welcome bonus, but then on the bank charges which are very low. you can very well keep it as a secondary account and it won’t cost you anything at all. Boursorama Banque knows that at one point or another, you will be tempted by its offer. Clearly, we can’t blame him for a lot of things.

To discover the Pink Week-end, it’s here:

I’m enjoying the Pink Weekend

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