decentrafile, to upload and share large files anonymously and decentrally

When we upload a file to the InternetIt is generally saved on a server, on a company computer, waiting for someone to access it and download it to their PC or mobile.

This process is not exactly anonymous, since the company that keeps the file usually knows who has uploaded it and who has downloaded it, it has a record of all activities. On the other hand, the application used to upload the file in question also usually stores the user’s identification data.

With the aim of offering a more stealthy alternative, decentrafile, an application that allows you to upload files of up to 10 gigabytes (or several that add up to that amount), anonymously and decentralized. This means that the file is divided into parts and stored on ordinary users’ computers, not on large servers in large companies, and when someone wants to download the file, the parts are put together to provide the final result.

They comment on their blog that they use cryptography, peer2peer networks and blockchain, the protagonists of a free, public and decentralized cloud file storage system.

No file is loaded or stored anywhere as it uses peer2peer (IPFS). Nodes are used for this, software that runs somewhere like a computer in a house.

Decentrafile uses public nodes, and stores cryptographic pieces of the files that we are uploading.

You have the technical details of how it works in, although to use it you don’t need to know so much, we just have to upload the file and share the url generated in

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