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During the last years we have spoken several times about the solutions offered by ILovePDF, a platform focused on making working with PDF files much easier, joining pages, setting passwords, changing formats, compressing PDFs, editing them … there are many functions that are offered on its website.

Over time, they launched an application for the desktop, a way to make work much faster without depending on the web browser, and now they launch a digital signature web platform.

Available in, allows you to apply certified digital signatures and make signature requests, that is, share a document with multiple parties to receive it signed back.

Its four main advantages over similar solutions are:

Ease of use: The signature tool is intuitive and very easy to use.
– Functions of advanced verification: Advanced functionalities for the authentication of the signer can be added to reinforce the validity of the signed document (authentication of the signer by SMS, access code to the document, Identity Check …)
Competitive price and customizable: Users can subscribe to different plans or purchase certified signature packs, which do not expire, if they do not want to commit to a subscription.
– Tool available in 25 languages– so that users around the world can send and receive requests in their native language.

It is not easy to compete with docusign or eversign, but betting on a solution that is not only for computer scientists but for any type of user, it will be easy to reach the top.

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