End of metro ticket books in Paris: what solutions are available to you?

RATP formalizes its transition to modernity. The Parisian transport authority announces the abandonment of metro ticket books, from next October. What are the alternative solutions proposed?

After years of loyal service, the T + ticket book is withdrawing. The RATP modernizes its offer and abandons small pieces of cardboard, in favor of dematerialized transport tickets. The Parisian transport authority explains that the aim is to offer new, more advantageous and practical alternatives. No more demagnetized or lost tickets, now it’s the smartphone that becomes the ally of occasional travelers.

For occasional travelers

Are you a Parisian, but the metro is not for you? For all occasional users of public transport in the capital, the RATP launched Navigo Liberté +. Presented in the form of a card, this pass counts each passage and deducts the amount due at the end of the month. This solution is aimed particularly at those for whom a monthly plan is not the ideal and most economical solution.

The trip is billed 1,49 euros, but if you make several trips during the day, you will only pay 7.50 euros at most. If you benefit from a reduced rate, each trip will cost you 0.74 euros (except Orlybus or Roissybus). If you don’t travel the following month, you pay nothing!

For tourists

Are you planning a trip to the Paris region and thinking of taking a notebook for the duration of your stay? To make life easier for tourists, Navigo Easy offers to load several virtual notebooks on a physical pass, marketed at only 2 euros. Sold in stations and stations or in RATP-approved shops, the Navigo Easy can be used to load single tickets, Navigo Day passes and even Navigo Jeunes Week-end. You can also add virtual notebooks to the kiosk or to the Bonjour RATP application.

On the price side, it offers more advantageous prices than its cardboard counterpart and allows you to benefit from 10 tickets for only 14,90 euros against 16.90 euros for the physical version. Note that the Navigo Easy is valid for 10 years.

And by bus?

If you take the bus a few times, you can use the solutions below. But if you forgot to take your pass or simply do not have change to pay for your transport ticket to the driver, RATP has set up a fully dematerialized solution. On your smartphone, all you need to do is request a breakdown assistance ticket by SMS. When you see your bus approaching, send Bus (line number) by SMS to 93100. Concretely, to take bus number 21, send BUS21 before getting on board. The controllers will then ask you to present this sms to validate the title. The ticket is charged 2 euros.

Note, however, that the abandonment of notebooks will be gradual. They will begin to disappear from the counters of certain stations from October 14, before completely disappearing in March 2022.

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