Google Drive now allows offline saving of any type of files

The ability to save any file for offline access is a feature that has been in testing for years in Drive. A feature limited to G Suite users, but now rolling out to all users.

Yes, you can configure that any Drive file is available to consult when you are offline from the web browser.

So you can view any Google Drive file offline

Yes OK Drive It already allows us to save files of Documents, Presentations and Spreadsheets in the browser to use them when we are offline, it was not possible to apply this dynamic with the rest of the files.

So if you wanted to have, for example, a PDF document, images or Microsoft Office files, you had to look for other options to have them in offline mode. A problem that is already solved thanks to the latest Google Drive update.

Yes, now you can bookmark any file for offline use from the web browser whenever you want. The dynamics is simple, just select the file with the contextual menu and choose the option “Available offline”. You will see that the files that correspond to Drive applications open from their own interface, and those that do not belong to Google services open in compatible applications that you have available on your web browser or computer.

So if you go on a trip, you won’t have to download all the files you need while you’re offline, or resort to Drive’s desktop tool. You can apply this dynamic with a simple click, and if you make any changes you will know that it will be automatically synchronized when you reconnect to the internet.

This new function will be gradually deployed to all users, both those who have a Google plan and personal accounts.

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