How to recover lost keys and other objects with this device

We return to talking about object trackers, since on Indiegogo there is a campaign still open for Tagie, an interesting smart tracker that offers a series of more than interesting functions.

So much so that it has just exceeded 1600% of the funding goal, leaving 8 more days for new sponsors to join the campaign, which still has all its rewards available.

To locate objects and more

Among the aspects that attract attention is the reverse location, that is, instead of using the complementary application to locate lost objects, from Tagie it is possible to press the button so that the mobile phone emit a sound that makes it easier to find it.

It also interests that has an open network for the location of objects at a global level generated through other users, so that if the distance of the user exceeds 200 meters, Tagie connects to the global open network to allow its location.

It is also striking that it incorporates a High sensitivity movement function to warn when there is movement in places or objects that must remain fixed. And it is also interesting to know that its CR2025 (button) battery offers a life beyond a year.

And yet, we are talking about a small object, square in size with circular vertices, which has a small hole to allow it to be attached to the key ring or the dog’s leash, among other objects.

It can also be kept in a purse and deposited on other surfaces to fulfill its mission.

Users can purchase their units from 19 euros (plus the corresponding shipping costs), also considering that shipments will be made internationally throughout the month of November.

Without a doubt, it is an interesting solution that will join the smart trackers offered by other companies, such as the veteran Tile, Samsung with SmartTags, and even Apple with its AirTags, and as we know, more options , better.

In fact, Tagie offers a series of features that make it possible to make a difference compared to other existing proposals already on the market, which will lead sooner or later to inspire other companies to implement functions beyond the location of the lost object.

As always, all details and images are available on the campaign website on Indiegogo.

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