How to transfer WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android


WhatsApp finally allows users to transfer their chats from iOS to Android, but it is not a dynamic that can be done from all mobiles.

In this first stage, the ability to transfer chats from iOS to Android is limited to Samsung devices. However, they plan to extend this feature to more devices in the future.

So you can transfer WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android

WhatsApp is starting to activate its new dynamic to transfer chats from iOS to Android, but only for Samsung devices.

The process to make the transfer is simple, but there are some points that you should keep in mind. To begin with, your Samsung mobile must meet some requirements. It must be a new or recently refurbished mobile that has Android 10 or 11.

On the other hand, you must make sure that the WhatsApp app you use on both devices has the latest version available. And to make the transfer, you will need to have the Samsung Smart Switch app and a USB-C to Lightning cable.

And one last detail to keep in mind is that the transfer of WhatsApp It will include all the multimedia content of the chats. So you will not only have your conversations, but also the images, videos or audios received and shared.

When you are ready to start the process, you only have to follow a few steps, as described in the WhatsApp Help Center:

  • Connect your Samsung mobile (on) to your iPhone using the cable, and you will see that the Samsung Smart Switch app automatically opens
  • With the iPhone camera scan the QR code that you will see on the Samsung
  • Choose “Start” on the iPhone and do not take any action until the process is complete.
  • Once you have finished configuring your Samsung, open the WhatsApp app and log in with your iPhone’s phone number.
  • It only remains to select “Import” and give the necessary permissions to complete the process.

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