Huawei Experience: The Petal Map is evolving rapidly

HMS and HarmonyOS map services also work with Watch 3.

For more than two years, Huawei has been focusing on the HMS ecosystem by replacing the services of the US search giant, so Google Maps has also been given an alternative to Petal Map in person, which will be one year old in October. On this line, of course, Apple didn’t go from development overnight either, and we think now is the time to introduce Petal Maps, which is available on both Android and HarmonyOS devices, and from the Play Store in addition to the Huawei AppGallery can be installed. Like any mobile map service for something, Huawei relies on a number of local and international sources to build its database, and TomTom can be called the brand’s top partner, but Foursquare, for example, also helps.


The Petal Map, available in 140 countries, is of course an in-house development that has swept an important German design award with the latest round of updates. “We are proud that Petal Maps has won the Red Dot Design Awards trophy. Such prestigious accolades underscore the hard work of the Huawei team, which has resulted in a successful navigation service, ”he said. Great Ivett, Head of Marketing, Huawei Technologies Hungary. After launching the app, the home page will of course start with a display of our GPS position, and the map can be light, dark or with a color scheme depending on the system settings. You can also choose 3D rendering for a more spectacular view of buildings or shading of level differences by terrain, and satellite rendering will be an option in future upgrade rounds.


The search engine and the card of our home address and work place are immediately available in the part that can be flicked under the map, for which it is worth setting an address only because it shows how long it takes to get from one to the other without touching it, including the current traffic conditions. You can also request a colored layer of traffic data on the map, and transit POIs are also expected to be displayed. For the time being, only the stop icons are active, local information is not yet available by clicking on them, but if you navigate in Budapest, Petal will compile an ideal and up-to-date route to your destination based on BKK’s live schedule. And in the case of a car navi, you can even see the number of traffic lights for up to eight route suggestions if you want to run into as few reds as possible on the go.


When navigating to a newly selected address, saved on your phone, or synced to Dropbox or HiCloud cloud, you can also request walking and biking routes in addition to car and public transportation, and avoiding highways, ferries, and toll gates is an option. During route guidance, you have the Hungarian-language guidance, and the Map can of course appear above other applications. And so as not to distract you from the road while driving, you can switch between bird’s-eye view and close-up 3D navigation view by holding your palm in front of the screen, enabling gesture movement in the settings.


Otherwise, we can create any number of folders for our various saved locations, plus the ability to report inaccurate information and place ratings related to the points. The Petal Map divides the main functions into Discovery, Route, and My Own tabs at the bottom, and in the upper right corner, in addition to the layers indicated earlier, you can also get weather and Covid-19 information based on local or national data. There are a few practical extras: for example, by tapping and holding the application icon, you can start navigation at home or work immediately, and if Huawei Watch 3 we have a smartwatch, the Petal Map module that can be installed on it indicates the directions of the route plan launched from the mobile with an arrow and text. This can be handy, for example, while walking and cycling, and the manufacturer is already working to make map display and route guidance available in class. The development of Petal Maps is therefore in full swing, providing an increasingly efficient navigation alternative for a wide variety of devices.

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