Microsofft to unveil its next Surface products on September 22

On September 22, Microsoft has planned an event to present its next Surface products. We will certainly discover the next Surface Books there, and maybe even the Surface Duo 2.

This fall will be an important deadline for Microsoft, which is preparing to unveil its next Windows 11 operating system. But by October 5, we will have something to wait with the release of future Surface devices, which will be presented on the 22nd. next September.

Redmond troops could announce the release of the future Surface Book 4; however, the device could be renamed Surface Laptop Pro ”. We know very little about this device, however. But according to Gizmodo, this presentation should mainly include the Surface Duo 2. This one appeared this summer in leaks questionable at first glance, but the authenticity of which was later confirmed by Windows Central.

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We already know that it will be a foldable phablet with a design very similar to the first generation, with a few size exceptions. We can for example cite the photo block, which has apparently been greatly improved. Based on TechRat’s leaks this summer, it should consist of at least three sensors (probably standard, telephoto and ultra-wide). SoC level, the device should embed the excellent Snapdragon 888 from Qualcomm; there is therefore no need to worry about performance, since it is currently the most powerful hardware available on Android. Only Apple does better with its incredible A14 Bionic.

Android or Windows 11?

But the real question mainly concerns the operating system that this device will embed. The first of the name ran on Android, but its rather clumsy integration did not leave users with lasting memories. For this new version, Windows could change its approach and opt for Windows 11, which would make it the very first device optimized for this new OS.

In any case, this would correspond rather well to the expected philosophy of the latest version, which now wants to focus on ergonomics, mobility, and flexibility. Windows 11 and the Surface Pro 2 therefore seem made for each other; It remains to be seen whether Microsoft will sanction this union, or whether the device will continue its complicated relationship with Android.

See you on September 22 to follow the firm’s announcements, which will be broadcast here.

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