OnePlus is not giving up its watch!

In March, OnePlus proudly launched its first smartwatch presented. For many fans, however, it was a disappointment, but OnePlus is sticking to its watch and is not giving it up.

New update should bring further improvements for the OnePlus Watch

With the update B_65, which is gradually being rolled out, the company has given its watch four new watch faces as well as a music mode for Spotify. That’s great at first, of course, but a full-fledged Spotify app and possibly a YouTube Music app would be even better.

Samsung and Google have just shown what is possible with the new Galaxy Watch4 series. Sure, they run with the new Wear OS and onePlus has its own operating system, but I doubt whether that was that clever. Samsung also had to learn this lesson and has therefore said goodbye to its own Tizen system for the new watches.

Of course this is now expressed very drastically. Especially when you consider that Samsung has already gained a lot more experience in the field of smartwatches than OneOlus. And who knows, maybe the OnePlus Watch 2 will already be equipped with Wear OS, because the company is already in talks with Google. After all, users would have to wait a long time for a OnePlus smartwatch.

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