Playbyte arrives, the TikTok of games

Playbyte is an interesting recently launched social platform that takes the concept of TikTok to the field of creating and interacting with simple games.

The idea is that users have it as easily as possible to create their own games, with the corresponding tools to help them do so, and without the need for programming knowledge, since it is sought is that they are simple games that run on its 2D game engine.

Like TikTok, but instead of short videos, there are simple games

In this regard, Playbyte is committed to a creation system games based on blocks, on emojis, and on the images that are on the phone, whose games may not have more than five scenes.

With this mechanism, It is intended that, like TikTok, the rest of the users have a vertical scrolling feed, going from game to game, where they will stop at those games that interest them the most, and they can even mark with likes and leave comments.

User interactions will be taken into account in the recommendations they will get in the feed, gaining more relevance the types of games with which they have interacted the most over time.

And yes, as in TikTok it is allowed to reuse videos, in Playbyte it is also allowed to reuse material from other games to create a new one to share.

According to the statements of Kyle Russell, founder and CEO of Playbyte, made a TechCrunch:

Basically, we want to make it really easy for people who aren’t so ambitious to feel like creative and productive game makers.

He adds that:

The key to that will be if you have an idea, such as an image of a game in your mind, you should be able to quickly search for new assets or rebuild others that you have previously saved. And then just put them on and mix and match, almost like Legos, and build something that is 90% of what you envisioned, without any additional setup on your part.

Regarding future plans, Playbyte is committed to introducing sponsored elements that creators can integrate into their games, among other possibilities, among which it is not ruled out in the future to also bet on NFTs in games.

For now, Playbyte exists as a native application for iOS devices, officially launched this week, and that users can download for free from the App Store of Apple.

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