The Apple Car would arrive in 2024

Apple’s electric car could go into mass production within three years.

Will it really happen one day on our roads? For years, Apple’s electric car has never ceased to fuel fantasies. This year has been particularly rich in this area since the rumors have continued to contradict each other. Thus, it was first of all a question of a physical car, then of a simple software intended for other manufacturers … before the assumption of an Apple vehicle does not get stronger.

This time it’s the turn of DigiTimes – usually good sources – to deliver his side of the story. According to Taiwanese media, the Apple car could go into mass production within three years, in 2024. DigiTimes indicates that the Cupertino company would have met certain suppliers like SK Group and LG Electronics a month ago to discuss this project. Today, Apple is said to be in talks with Toyota to design the vehicle.

2024 would be an excellent year to launch the Apple Car, or at least announce it to the general public. Tim Cook recently claimed he would like to launch a whole new product category by his departure. This could occur in 2025, according to Bloomberg, either exactly in time to announce this hypothetical Apple Car. In addition, this agrees with the words of a certain Ming-Chi Kuo, who had already announced a shooting window between 2023 and 2025.

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