Twitter presents its new Safety Mode

With its new security tool, the social network wants to allow users who wish to reduce unwanted interactions.

In the ruthless realm of the Internet, Twitter is a jungle. Regularly singled out for the violence of its interactions, the platform nevertheless tries to look good, by deploying tools to promote the creation of safe spaces. From today, and for a small group of English-speaking users, the platform has announced the implementation of its Safety Mode. Concretely, this new functionality will make it possible to reduce unwanted interactions for seven days. Once activated, Safety Mode will automatically silence the “Insults, hateful remarks”, but also unsolicited repetitive mentions.

Avoid harassment thanks to the algorithm

Obviously, there is no question of Twitter promises to simply block all interactions of a user over a given time. Thanks to its algorithm, Twitter promises to take into account the relationship between the author of a tweet and his receiver. Concretely, if one of your friends harasses you with messages, even vulgar ones, the algorithm of the blue bird should be able not to block it automatically.

Activable from the Confidentiality and Security tab of the Parameters, Safety Mode will thus make it possible to reduce unsolicited messages, but also to temporarily block authors of publications deemed problematic. The latter will thus be unable to attempt contact by private message. Obviously, and for the purpose “To avoid any mistake”, Safety Mode can be canceled with a single click.

Deployed from today, with no official date of arrival in France for the moment, Safety Mode is part of Twitter’s long-standing initiative to reduce online violence. After having unveiled several new tools to protect privacy of its users, the social network had also enabled Internet users to choose the people authorized to reply to a tweet after publication.

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