WiZ presents new smart lamps and illuminants

Signify has also presented new lights from the WiZ range, which can be smartly controlled via WLAN.

WiZ Hero, Squire and more presented

After the presentation of the new Philips Hue products on Wednesday, Signify today also presented innovations from WiZ. The company, which specializes in WiFi lamps, has been part of Signify since April 2019.

You can see the new one in the cover picture WiZ Hero Table lamp that has preprogrammed wake-up and sleep scenarios and is particularly easy to use. It can reproduce white and colored light and will go on sale from October 1st with an RRP of 49.99 euros.

Another new table lamp is the WiZ Squire. It has two light zones and with its sloping surface can bathe the wall in particularly beautiful light. It will also be available from October 1 and will cost € 54.99.

Image: Signify

With the WiZ Superslim and WiZ Adria two new ceiling lights are added to the range. With the function called the circadian rhythm, these can adapt the light to the natural course of sunlight. The WiZ Superslim has been available since September 1st and costs 49.99 euros in the 4 watt version and 59.99 euros in the 16 watt version. The WiZ Adria is available in two versions, Adria Warmwhite Dim and Daylight Dim. It will only be available from November 1st and will cost 34.99 euros.

They are intended for the ceiling or the wall Imageo build-up spots, which will be available in black and white. They come on the market as a color or as a tunable white variant. Sales start here on October 1st. In the color version, the Imageo spots cost 39.99 euros as a single spot, 69.99 euros as a double spot and 99.99 euros as a triple spot. In the tunable white version, a single spot costs 32.99 euros, a double spot 59.99 euros and a three-spot spot 89.99 euros.

Image: Signify

A light source with matt glass and a new Smart Plug from WiZ were also presented. The Smart Plug has a built-in electricity meter and can thus monitor the energy consumption of the connected devices.

The E27 lamp with matt glass and the Smart Plug will be available from October 1st. The light source has an RRP of 13.99 euros and the smart plug costs 19.99 euros.

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