A portable air purifier to wear around the neck

Since the appearance of COVID-19, there have been countless models of masks designed to prevent the particles of this virus from entering the body.

However, the use of masks is not only due to this purpose, but also to the fact that the air in many cities around the world contains pollutants that are harmful to people who breathe them.

This is where the Air-Ring comes into play, a portable air purifier designed to generate a refreshing atmosphere around the face of the person who uses it. Yes, as weird as it sounds, just look at the image above.

This is how an international team of designers joined forces to develop this air purifier that has an innovative design, reflected in its unique ergonomics, although it is worth mentioning that its patent is still pending. And it is that, within the structure that shapes the Air-Ring, there is a powerful technology created to guarantee purified and refreshing air to the user, in turn allowing you to have your face free and unrestricted.

At the moment the Air-Ring starts operating a powerful and quiet air turbine generating essential airflow. To carry out the air purification process in several layers the Air-Ring starts the Filtration of harmful particles and viruses through an N95 HEPA filter state-of-the-art installed in the air inlet cartridge.

Afterwards, all those pathogens and viruses that may be present in the air are neutralized when entering the photocatalytic UV sterilization chamber with a matrix of latest generation UV-C LEDs.

As for the Air-Ring chamber, it has a design that gives it the ability to optimize air flow and effectively treat it, also aided by the titanium dioxide present in its coating.

When the airflow is progressively expelled through the main chamber through a pair of arched air ducts, the odors and allergens go through a filtering process involving a few electrostatic and activated carbon filters.

Thanks to a set of batteries stored in the neck ring, the Air-Ring can be used for a continuous time of 8 hours. Also, this device includes biometric and CO sensors2 so you can connect it to a mobile app to speed up its operation.

You can get more information about the Air-Ring by entering ON HERE, and if you see someone with something like that on the street, do not forget to put it on social networks, because it has cloth.

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