Amazon has a golden idea to make you fall for Prime Video: a television

The American e-commerce giant could launch a first model of television as early as next month.

No one is stopping Amazon. After launching into the book market, then turning into a giant marketplace where you can find almost everything, the Californian e-commerce giant has gradually transformed into a manufacturer.

This is how Amazon began to launch connected speakers, its Echo, or even TV dongles, such as the Fire TV. There are also many everyday products stamped AmazonBasics, including various cables, supplies, etc. It would seem, however, that the company decided to move up a gear by launching … a range of televisions!

A range of televisions in October?

According to Business Insider, Amazon could launch a first model of television as early as October 2021. It would indeed be a product stamped Amazon, even if the firm would rely on the Chinese giant TCL to manufacture it. This first model of television signed Amazon would be available in several versions from 55 to 75 inches. The project has been underway for nearly two years internally, developed by the teams who have already designed the Echo or Fire TV.

Precisely, it is with a view to democratizing Fire TV that Amazon is embarking on this sector. For now, this operating system for televisions is only present on the various Fire TV Sticks. By launching a television that immediately integrates Fire TV, Amazon would therefore ensure a royal road to enter the living room of many families with its ecosystem, and thus highlight its services, such as Amazon Prime Video.

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