Amazon is investing in a new live audio feature

Amazon is reportedly investing heavily in a new live audio feature that is similar to other live audio offerings like Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and Spotify’s new live audio platform. The aim is to offer additional content via the in-house voice assistant Alexa or via Amazon Echo devices.

Amazon live audio alongside music, podcasts, and audiobooks

Unspecified sources have whispered to the American news website Axios that Amazon is currently investing more time and money in a live audio feature. More precisely, Amazon’s music department works here alongside normal music, podcasts or audio books. The new live audio will then build on the payment of podcast networks, musicians and celebrities, who can then use this feature for live conversations, shows and events.

Amazon wants to start first with live concerts (live music), later talk radio programs and podcasts will follow. Amazon is also planning to integrate live audio with its live video service, Twitch, according to two sources. However, this is not that new, because there have already been first attempts at Prime Day Live Concert – with LEA and Wincent Weiss.

During the pandemic, the live format became increasingly popular and has already spread very well with other providers. Examples include Clubhouse, Spotify, Twitter Spaces or Facebook. However, the live audio from Amazon will probably not prevail with social functions, but rather only “present” the live content.

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