An enticing foldable iPhone concept

Samsung and a handful of other manufacturers have paved the way for foldable smartphones, devices that are starting to mature as demonstrated by the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Flip3. For the moment, Apple is keeping away from this market, but this concept gives a small idea of ​​what a folding iPhone could be!

What if the iPhone becomes foldable? The idea is not new, in fact from the appearance of the first foldable devices, at Samsung and Huawei, many began to imagine what could become of the Apple smartphone with a flexible screen. This concept takes the idea of ​​the Galaxy Z Flip, but adapted to the iPhone.

Can the iPhone fold?

The principle of a clamshell smartphone, equipped with a screen that takes up the entire interior surface, has guided Samsung in the creation of the Z Flip range. The third generation unveiled last month gives full satisfaction, whether on a technical level or on the question of price. A potential bestseller! It was quite logical to imagine what Apple could do with it for its iPhone.

YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone offers a 3D and animated rendering of the iPhone Flip, which in addition to being foldable, would have an XDR ProMotion screen (120 Hz), a Touch ID fingerprint sensor in the screen and Air Charge technology to recharge the truly wireless battery. A nice technical sheet, but you have to keep in mind that this is a concept more or less based on rumors.

In the meantime, the iPhone 13 expected in the next few weeks should be much more traditional: no foldable screen, but improved photo and video capabilities and, perhaps, a refresh rate of 120Hz.

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