Google has a new way of displaying the content you saw in your web browsing

Google is renovating the Collections section that we find in its mobile app. That section that allows you to save bookmarks and organize everything that you find interesting on the web and want to consult at another time.

Although that dynamic continues, Google now redesigns this section to show information about our web activity.

Google adds more information in Collections on mobile

One of the options offered by the Google search engine is the possibility of creating collections with the images, links and web pages that we want to save for later reference. It is as simple as creating a collection and saving items when we are browsing the web.

And it also gives the possibility to share the collections with your friends, so you can create shopping lists, travel places, gift options, etc. And now Google is expanding the potential of this feature with a new update.

As mentioned in 9to5Google, the collections now also show the websites we recently visited and organize them automatically. So if you now open this section of the Google app on your mobile, you will find a “Quick Access” section with the sites visited, then “Series and Movies” with recommendations based on our web activity. And the same dynamic is repeated with those products that we have looked for and that remain among the “Purchases” suggestions.

So if you want to go back to a website that you have visited or to a product that interested you, you can go to the Collections section, the information will be better organized than the history of your web activity. And of course, the functions to create Collections still exist, so that dynamic will not change.

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