Hit by Hurricane Ida, New York beats its precipitation record

Ida continues to abuse the United States, and right now, New York is paying the price. The megalopolis has to face a real deluge; in Central Park, it is even the first time that it rains so much since the beginning of the meteorological records.

This year, Uncle Sam will have definitely seen all the colors in terms of climate. After facing cataclysmic heatwaves, the United States is now in the midst of storm season. For the past few days, residents have been watching Hurricane Ida, which recently recalled terrible memories to the whole country in devastating Louisiana.

Now, the storm has certainly lost its power; fortunately, it is no longer a category 4 hurricane. But it is now hitting New York with considerable violence. According to the world,several tornadoes”Have even been spotted on the spot, in addition to the phenomenal floods that have already claimed the lives of 13 New Yorkers.

The images are in any case cold in the back. All over the megalopolis, precipitation has transformed entire avenues into veritable torrents. The downpours carry the hastily abandoned vehicles in the middle of the roadway. According to Météo France, this would be the highest volume of precipitation ever recorded since the start of surveys in the capital. In Central Park, 80mm of rain even fell in one hour. By way of comparison, the city of Lyon receives an average of 64mm of precipitation … per month.

The peak of the storm season

A situation which led the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, to declare a state of emergency last night. But the real deluge that descends on this mecca of culture and economy could well be just the beginning. The New York Times thus recalls that the period from August to September represents the peak of the hurricane season; by October, other violent climatic events could befall the country. Hurricane Larry, which is gaining strength in the Atlantic right now near Cape Verde, is among the main sources of concern. The National Weather Institute, quoted by the famous newspaper, indeed expects that it will continue to gain in power; in the long term, it could in turn threaten the American coasts.

The country therefore seems to be on track to beat its record of 30 major storms, deemed important enough to be baptized. This record had already fallen last year, and the figure could unfortunately continue to climb, in accordance with the forecasts of many organizations such as the IPCC.

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