Internet box: RED breaks its prices, but SFR explodes them even more (-75%)

Looking for the best fiber at the lowest price? RED by SFR and SFR unveiled incredible offers this weekend.

Back to school is always a good time to change your internet box because demand is very high (due to moves). It is for this reason that the majority of ISPs lower their prices at this time. That way, they make sure they’re filling up with new customers… even if their prices are lower. Here, it is RED by SFR and… SFR (two different ISPs) which amazed us with new offers.

These two internet boxes have a very different logic. SFR is a traditional operator with a box including a commitment (12 months). That said, no one does better on its price: fiber with excellent speed is 10 euros per month (Limited Series) for a year. On the other hand, RED by SFR is more contemporary but it does not offer better than the price of SFR: it is however without commitment.

SFR, the cheapest Internet box on the market

SFR has been present on the Internet box market for years. It has been able to evolve with the sector by modernizing its offers over time, so that they are clear and transparent today. You have the choice between 2 formulas at the ISP: SFR Fiber and SFR Power, the first being the most aggressive of the whole market (this weekend).

With the reopening as part of the operation My Fiber days, the SFR Internet box is priced at 10 euros per month for very high speed fiber (500 Mb / s for downloading and sending), unlimited calls to landlines with 160 TV channels. It’s simple, you save almost 75% compared to the base amount. You can’t do better when it comes to price per month in the market right now.

To see this Internet box at SFR, it’s here:

See the SFR offer

SFR guarantees the price of this Internet box for one year, which means that it cannot increase during this period. After this period, it goes back to the basic amount (38 euros). For the first year, you pay 120 euros instead of 456, which means that the savings are immense. If you are looking for a medium term plan, this is the perfect deal – knowing that it is still competitive after 12 months.

This Internet box comes with a one-year commitment to SFR. This remains anecdotal since it is also the period during which you are entitled to the lowest price. After that, you can very well go to another ISP with complete freedom if you want. Note that this triple-play offer includes Internet with a very fast speed for this price, but also telephony and the TV decoder and 160 channels.

Finally, SFR can take into consideration up to 100 euros for termination fees if you leave your current provider for its Internet box. In this case, you are making a smooth and cost-free transition to your new offer. Please note, the My Fiber Days operation is already ending this week.

RED by SFR and the “no obligation”

RED by SFR is modern with its Internet box. It’s simple, it offers a unique offer (with optional options) for a price that remains very low. But above all, his internet box is non-binding. It is the only operator that can claim to do so, especially at this price.

The RED by SFR Internet box currently costs 20 euros per month for fiber with very high speed (1 Gb / s for downloading and 500 Mb / s for sending) as well as unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles. You are entitled to 35 TV channels (via an app), and even more with a decoder.

To discover the RED by SFR Internet box, it’s here:

See the RED by SFR offer

By default, this Internet box is 38 euros per month. So you pay with the current offer only 240 euros for a year instead of 456 – that’s still a lot of savings to be made on this monthly expense. The main strength of this offer is above all that the price does not triple or quadruple after the first year: the price remains constant over time and this is the great strength of RED by SFR. In the long run, it is unbeatable.

For the internet part, here is what you need to know. By default, your internet box will give you access to 35 TV channels via an application (if you have a Smart TV, it’s very simple). However, you can opt for a TV box (decoder) at 19 euros if your TV is not connected. Also, you can go up to 100 channels with a paying option at 3 euros per month.

This offer is non-binding, you can leave RED by SFR a few months after choosing this Internet box if you wish. Remember that this generous discount ends on August 6 at midnight, so don’t wait too long to be sure to take advantage of this reduced price. As with SFR, you will also have 100 euros in termination fees which will be refunded if you opt for it.

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