Kaamelott – First installment, biggest success at the French box office since the start of the health crisis

We had to wait a long time, this cinema version of Kaamelott. But once in theaters, and despite the health pass, Alexandre Astier’s film is so successful that he has just afforded the luxury of doing better than Tenet!

the first part of the adventures of Arthur Pendragon back in a kingdom of Logres under the rule of the tyrannical Lancelot full box in the rooms since July 21. The film attracted 2.4 million spectators, despite the obligation of the health pass which has a significant impact on attendance in cinemas.

Some outline for the second episode

A great feat, therefore, and the feature film by Alexandre Astier does even better: it is indeed paying the luxury of winning the trophy of the biggest success at the French box office since March 2020, the outbreak of the health crisis. Until now it was the Tenet by Christopher Nolan who had attracted the most spectators in theaters (2.349 million in August 2020).

This record does not mean much in absolute terms, since cinemas have had to close sporadically in recent months. However, in view of this very complicated context, Kaamelott is doing remarkably well. The film also holds the title of best startup in 2021 with one million tickets sold, ahead of the latest adventures of OSS 117 and North Bac.

This success necessarily calls for a second component. Alexandre Astier, who has always dangled a trilogy for Kaamelott, will have to get down to writing these two additional episodes. At Point, the director declared to have some main lines, but for the moment nothing very in-depth. It will therefore take patience, but he promises that the second part will take less time to design than the first!

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