Mac antivirus: the excellent Intego solution drops by -65% for the start of the school year

For its Back to School operation, the giant Intego offers a shock discount on its antivirus for Mac. A benchmark on the market for two decades, this cybersecurity solution is renowned for its quality (and now its value for money).

Intego has been a major specialist in cybersecurity since 1997. For a long time it has exclusively offered an antivirus for Macs – which is the benchmark on the market. While it has since released a Windows version (in June 2021), its software for Mac is excellent. It was designed natively for the Apple operating system and it offers ultra-secure coverage to these devices.

For the start of the school year, it offers an exceptional discount on its two formulas: its antivirus for Mac is at 19.99 euros per year instead of 49.99 while the Premium Bundle Mac X9 pack drops to 34.99 euros per year instead of 84.99 euros. We would tend to recommend the second version which also includes software to clean your Mac (and much more).

To discover the two offers on Intego, it’s here:

View the Intego Safety Pack

See Intego antivirus

If you don’t know Intego, know that this actor has been a security specialist for twenty years now. The big advantage of this player is that it focused on the macOS operating system from its inception – which is not the case with the majority of its competitors. Rather, they originally worked on Windows before attempting to adapt the software on Mac.

A complete solution with Intego

If many people think otherwise, Mac computers are indeed susceptible to external threats. It is for this reason that it is advisable to secure your device with a suitable antivirus. Thanks to Intego, you have 3 options: the first is an antivirus for Mac (with a firewall) which provides good protection for your PC.

Otherwise, Intego offers the Mac Premium Bundle X9 pack: it’s a complete solution that is not limited to antivirus. In addition to this powerful tool capable of capturing 100% of malware, it includes a firewall, a parental control service, but also a data management service and a Mac cleaner. This will remove duplicates or malicious files, so your computer can double its speed. We recommend the complete pack (admittedly more expensive) which offers excellent value for money.

Note that Intego software has a huge advantage over many competitors: they are discreet. In other words, the antivirus for example will run in the background without ever penalizing the speed of the machine. It will be easily forgotten and does not come with annoying pop-ups to warn you of risks. It is a real comfort that deserves to be highlighted (and that we’ve tested).

If you have several Macs to protect, know that the two formulas allow to have decreasing prices according to the number of devices. It is also possible to commit over several years to reduce the price of this best antivirus on Mac. Either way, you are making an investment to protect your data and it is priceless.

To learn more about Intego’s offers, it’s here:

View the Intego Safety Pack

See Intego antivirus

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