Should you use CCleaner to optimize your Android smartphone?

By installing all kinds of applications and files of all kinds, an Android smartphone can show signs of fatigue. To give it a little shine, it is possible to use tools that will clean up the device’s RAM and cache files, CCleaner is one of them.

CCleaner is one of those applications that aim to dust off an Android smartphone by deleting junk files, optimizing RAM and monitoring the system to avoid errors. This app has a pretty good reputation with some users swearing by it to boost a sluggish device or free up storage space.

An application clean ?

But beware, as in Windows this type of software is not without danger. The PC version of CCleaner also has a bad reputation, it has thus been a transmission vector for malware. On Android, we will not have this problem as long as we download the version distributed on the Play Store : Before an app goes online, Google’s systems examine it to detect any unpleasant surprises.

Moreover, on Android, CCleaner has never been the subject of a security report unlike its big brother on Windows. However, you have to keep in mind several things when you decide to use such a utility: on the one hand, CCleaner asks for permission to access the storage of the smartphone, which is quite logical in view of the operation of the app.

It only takes a bug in CCleaner for the application to cause damage to storage and even files on the smartphone. Fortunately, no testimony has yet been reported, but caution is required. On the other hand, CCleaner regularly monitors the system, which can cause performance losses. Ironic for such an application!

On recent smartphones, it is also likely that the manufacturer has installed cleaning functions either in the Android settings or in a homemade application. Better to use these features developed specifically by the manufacturer rather than a third-party tool.

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