TCL to launch 8K TV with Mini LED backlight

TCL wants to make an impression on September 8, with a Transcend Vision event that will focus on connected televisions and home appliances.

The manufacturer makes no secret of the main attraction of its presentation, which will take place on September 8: during Transcend Vision, TCL will unveil the latest models of televisions from the X Mini LED range, in 8K. Mini LED technology will therefore be at the heart of these devices, which the manufacturer has been experimenting with since 2018. The following year, TCL launched mass production of the X10, the first Mini LED TV marketed worldwide.

Shake up the cinema experience at home

Mini LEDs replace LEDs in the backlight system of an LCD TV. This technology improves brightness and contrast, it is also more reliable and lasts longer for a moderate manufacturing cost. TCL is obviously not the only manufacturer to rely heavily on Mini LEDs, which can be found at Samsung and LG.

TCL, however, wants to make an impression next week with this 8K Mini LED TV. Shaoyong Zhang, the CEO of the company, wants “ disrupt the home cinema experience of spectators around the world “. Lots of ambition therefore, which will also have to go through affordable prices. The Mini LED is still expensive, not to mention 8K which is still only a very small niche market (many still do not have 4K TVs!).

This event will also allow TCL to unveil a new range of connected household appliances and above all, to say more about the manufacturer’s Internet of Things strategy. TCL also gives an appointment on September 8 for video game fans who will be entitled to ” unpublished news ».

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