Viral videos on TikTok, 5 things they have in common

There is no secret formula that tells us what the precise steps are to go viral on social networks like TikTok. Videos can become a sensation from one moment to the next and without an apparent explanation.

However, although we do not have that magic potion of virality, we do there are certain characteristics that are repeated in the videos that are more popular on the TikTok platform. Therefore, here we have 5 of those things that they share in the app.

The vast majority of virals have original content


I may not have @maxtaylorlifts dumpy but I do have a drone.

♬ STAY – The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber

Just by looking at the statistics of TikTok we find that, although the famous choreographies of songs have a lot of impact, only a small handful of them stand out from the hundreds of thousands of reproductions. Now, things change when the video we are watching is not as repeated as the typical ones that usually appear in the feed.

They have a rule: the shorter the better


CHALLENGE ACHIEVED 😅 follow me on Instagram, I’m following you and talking with you 👀 @ yurielkys.ojeda

♬ Fulanito – Becky G & El Alfa

On TikTok, as in other apps, more is less. And how does this translate? Well, very simple, the more seconds you spend with a video (unless it is a tutorial or something similar) the lower the chances that your clip will go viral. Remember that the public that is usually on these social networks wants to enjoy a large amount of content in a short timeSo they appreciate a 10-15 second video more than a 60 second video.

They are funnier and have a good sense of humor


🥰😃 #comedyviralvideo #funny videos #lovestory2021 #funnyyyy #viral2021 #jokes

♬ original sound – Androshka TV

Although TikTok has a specific section of memes, the truth is that charisma is the icing on the cake of the vast majority of content, and even more so in this app. Just answer this question: What would you rather share and like, a funny one or a video of a person dancing a choreography? It is almost certain that your answer will be to share the video that caused you amusement. It is well known that a good percentage of users who have TikTok enter it to be entertained and release a little stress, and for this, funny virals have been a good option.

They allow you to interact with people


• WHO IS THE MOM AND WHO IS THE DAUGHTER? 🙈❤️ @ valuhenao2.0

♬ Call Your Vulgo Malvadão – Mc jhenny & DJ KOSTA 22 & MC GW

There are videos that are made more with an informative style than with the touch of interaction. Remember that those clips showing details about something are not the same, that those who manage to trap us with questions or details that we can easily answer. The TikTok algorithm takes into account Likes and comments to show the video to more people, so a good part of the virals leave that space for people to comment on something particular related to the clip.

They take advantage of the benefits of effects and editing tools of the app


my new favorite effect 😂 #timewarpscan

♬ original sound – dana 👻🌳

There are TikTok effects and tools that can really help us so that our video does not look like one more, but contrary to this, it has some shine that makes it stand out. Well be the lip sync effect, filters, sounds and stickers, among others, they can be the last thing your clip needs to take off within the application.

We are sure that with everything we said above, you will be a little closer to publishing really interesting content in the app. And the truth is that it may sound a bit cliché, but if you do something different, then surely the results will improve progressively. In addition to the above, if you have a business or business account, we recommend that you follow these tools implemented by TikTok and CanvaSurely with them you will have more views, and why not, a viral video.

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