Vivo unveils its own V1 imaging chip

To make a difference in a very competitive market, smartphone manufacturers are going all out on photography. Vivo is not left out by announcing its first V1 imaging chip.

Vivo invested a lot of time and resources to design its first chip dedicated to image processing: for 24 months, a team of 300 engineers worked on the V1, which opens up new horizons for the manufacturer. This fully customized integrated circuit is dedicated to imaging and video applications.

A two-year development

The V1 chip optimizes the ” smartphone camera usage scenarios, such as image preview and video recording », Detailed Hu Baishan the vice president and chief operating officer of Vivo. In addition to improving the quality of photos from the manufacturer’s devices, this chip also aims to ” provide unparalleled user experiences ».

Beyond words, it will be necessary to see what this imaging chip has in the stomach. It should make its appearance quickly in the brand’s future smartphones. Vivo has in any case a lot of ambition in this sector, the V1 almost automatically calling for future generations. The manufacturer wants to articulate its efforts in four strategic axes: the imaging system (of which the V1 chip is the first realization), the operating system and the software, industrial design and performance.

It is therefore not a coincidence for Vivo, which did not wait for V1 to try to break into the world of smartphone imaging. The manufacturer has indeed already used Gimbal technology for stabilization, the camera with optical image stabilizer and dual LED flashes for selfies, not to mention the partnership with Zeiss signed last December.

Through this partnership, Vivo and Zeiss are developing a common line of research and development on products, the first results of which are visible. in the X60 range. The two companies also want to jointly explore the possibilities in mobile imaging.

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