WhatsApp: record sanction of 225 million euros for non-compliance with the GDPR

The Irish digital authority has just ordered encrypted messaging to pay a fine of nearly 225 million euros. A record for the European regulator. 0.8% of annual turnover for Facebook, the parent company.

225 million euros. This is the amount that should pay Facebook, parent company of the eponymous social network, Instagram and WhatsApp, for not having sufficiently informed users of its encrypted messaging as to the fate of their personal data.

It was the Irish digital authority, the Ireland Data Protection Commission, which imposed this fine on behalf of the European Commission, after several months of investigation. It is quite simply the highest fine ever imposed by the Irish authority. A significant sum, of course, but which ultimately only represents 0.8% of Facebook’s turnover (according to company figures for the year 2020).

The Ireland Data Protection Commission also requires the Facebook subsidiary to “To comply” with the European rules of RGPD within three months. For WhatsApp, it is therefore a question of showing greater transparency regarding the use of personal data collected from its users, in particular their telephone numbers.

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On the WhatsApp side, a spokesperson expressed his disagreement by mentioning the desire to appeal this decision. “We disagree with this decision regarding the transparency that we provided to people in 2018.” WhatsApp adds that “The amount of the fine also appears to us to be totally disproportionate” and “We have worked to ensure that the information we give is transparent and complete and we will continue to do so. “

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