Activision hunts for cheaters in Call of Duty: Warzone

Cheating could live its final days in Call of Duty: Warzone. Activision posted a video on Twitter that announces the banning of 100,000 cheaters … And warns that the hunt for unscrupulous players will increase.

Activision is increasing the pressure against cheaters. Because there is nothing more frustrating than losing to a player who uses cheating systems, the publisher announced the implementation by the end of the year of anti-cheat software on the servers of Call of Duty:Warzone. But that’s not all.

Total ban

The editor of the famous battle royale no longer hides his intentions to go hunting for cheaters. In a video shared on Twitter that went viral, Activision announced that it had seen 100,000 cheaters banned and that the housework was far from over. ” We know what you are doing “, Warns the company by addressing cheaters,” we come to pick you up ».

And since actions are louder than words, the video in question incorporates the TikTok of a player, Rush360, known to use cheat software. The equivalent of a “white hat” (those security researchers who work for the common good) for online games, in a way. Activision spotted him and banned him completely and permanently: both his IP and his hardware were reported and he is now completely unable to play.

This total ban is the nuclear weapon against cheaters. If Activision shows it this way, it is a way of warning all those who want to break the rules in the game to the detriment of honest players. Hope the message will be understood correctly for the sake of Call of Duty: Warzone, which has thousands of players and attracts many cheaters.

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