Apple AR / VR headset requires connection to iPhone or iPad

With hundreds of millions of AR-enabled devices, Apple has the largest AR platform in the world. There are now thousands of AR apps in the App Store. Apple hardware was designed from the ground up for AR. Accordingly, the introduction of Apple virtual reality glasses is very likely. According to the latest rumors, Apple will initially start with an augmented reality headset. The Apple AR / VR headset needs a connection to iPhone or iPad. You can read what this information is about in this post.

AR / VR headset only works with Apple devices

According to the latest information from the online magazine The Information, the headset needs a connection to the iPhone or iPad in order to be able to use all functions. Where The Information has this information is not known. Usually is The Information but well and reliably informed. In any case, the headset should need an iPhone connection to function properly. The headset should be wirelessly coupled with the Apple device, which then takes over a significant part of the computing power.

According to The Information Apple is said to have only recently completed work on three 5-nanometer chips for the headset. All three chips should already be in the test phase. However, the chips are not as powerful as other iOS devices. In addition, these do not have a neural engine for AI and are designed for a wireless connection. In spite of everything, the chips have a built-in CPU and GPU, so that the headset could also function without an Apple device to a limited extent. The AR / VR headset has not yet gone into production and will probably be released in 2022 at the earliest.

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