AstraZeneca vaccine could work as a cancer treatment

A study published in the Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer Friday has left the scientific community impressed, once again, by how great discoveries sometimes happen “unintentionally.”

The AstraZeneca vaccine, against COVID-19, has received much criticism in various parts of the world in recent months, but now it appears that it may work as a cancer treatment, according to Reuters.

They have been researchers at two institutions, the Jenner Institute in Oxford and the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research. From there they have managed to adapt the technology involved in the inoculation of COVID-19 to make a treatment against cancer, and the results with animals are having great success.

The new treatment appears to be a two-dose therapeutic cancer vaccine. Messenger RNA technology has come to light in recent months, making it clear that it has a lot of potential for use in treating other diseases, including cancer.

After testing it in mice, the researchers say the vaccine could be tested in humans even this year. So far they have found a reduction in tumor size and a better survival rate.

The tests that will be carried out with humans in a first phase will be with 80 participants with lung cancer.

The idea is that our own body, the immune system, can fight tumors, and Astrazeneca could use the COVID-19 vaccine vector to carry the genetic code that prompts the body to target two surface proteins of many types. cancer cells.

In fact, the investigations continue, since apparently they could also provoke responses in the goal T that would help find cancer cells and kill them.

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