Bosch: new connected equipment for electric bikes

Bosch wants to establish itself as the essential supplier for electric bikes. The manufacturer has unveiled a range of innovations for driving “fully connected”.

Drive smarter: this is the credo of the Bosch eBike Systems 2022 range, which consists of a mobile app, a remote control, a screen, a battery and the drive unit . The central element is the eBike Flow app, which brings together all the functions of the system: it connects the motor, the battery and the control unit to the bike, and adapts to the needs of the rider. It will be available this fall.

Screen, remote control, battery and motor

Another very important element is the PowerTube 750, which sits on the frame. The tube contains the battery (20% more autonomy compared to the PowerTube 625) which recharges half in 2 hours, or fully in 6 hours. To complete this battery, Bosch also offers a 4A charger to power the PowerTube.

Credit: Bosch

The Kiox 300 display works in conjunction with the LED Remote control center; the two together make it possible to activate the assistance modes of the electric bicycle. The remote control is positioned on the handlebars and its LEDs facilitate handling at night.

With the LED Remote, the cyclist can activate the Walk Assist function, to ride an electric mountain bike on difficult terrain. The Performance Line CX drive unit is a bit like the legs of the bike: this motor delivers a maximum torque of 85 Nm which gives it powerful acceleration after tight bends and obstacles. It also simplifies hill starts. All of this will be available in the coming weeks.

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