Cerebral Academy is heating up brains on Switch

Science has established that playing video games has a lot of beneficial effects, especially on the brain. Nintendo has understood this well and is offering a new version of Cerebral Academy adapted for the Switch.

For sure, Cerebral Academy: battle of the brain does not have the aura of Metroid Dread, WarioWare: Get It Together or the continuation of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But in the family game genre, this party game multiplayer should quite easily find its place in the Switch.

Mini-games good for the brain

This new component of Brain Academy, a saga that began in 2005 on DS before adapting to the Wii, uses the same principle of a multitude of mini-games to heat gray cells. Activities divided into five categories: Identification, Memory, Analysis, Maths and Perception. They can be practiced solo or with others, up to 4 locally or against the whole world on the internet.

The game includes a Practice Mode which allows you to indulge in the activities to improve your skills and have a better chance of beating other players. With Exam Mode, the player will get a Brain Score and regular exams will be used to obtain game coins to unlock new costumes.

In Ghost Battle mode, the player will battle against “ghosts” from games on other days. There too, a way to improve to shine in the Multiplayer mode where we fight “brain against brain”. In this mode, each player will be able to determine their own level of difficulty, which will allow the youngest to face their parents.

Cerebral Academy: battle of the brain will be available on December 3 in physical format and on the eShop for € 29.99.

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