Disappointed with your mobile plan? Here is a dream offer this Sunday 🔥

This weekend, changing your plan can cause you to split your mobile bill. We give you the three nuggets of the moment.

Are you in a hurry to pay too much for your mobile plan? We understand it too. However, there are solutions to regain control and drastically reduce this budget. If you’re smart and find the right offers at the right time, your bill can quickly drop by two or three. We have chosen the three offers of the moment.

Below, each mobile plan is non-binding. We have presented them in descending order according to their interest. In front of all the competitors, we first find a special offer from an MVNO, Prixtel, which is mind-blowing. From a value for money point of view, it is irresistible. Then follow the market giants RED by SFR and B & You.

Prixtel and its CRAZY mobile plan

If you have a mobile plan, it is certain that it breaks down as follows: a defined volume of data, SMS and calls for a fixed price. If you use less than the maximum given to you, you still pay the fixed price. If you use a little more than your allowance, the out-of-package can hurt a lot. In the end, these subscriptions are very inflexible.

Prixtel comes with a very contemporary mobile plan that leaves room for personalization. Calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited but depending on the volume of data you use over a month, the price varies. To simplify the understanding of its offer, there is a grid with data levels and a price associated with each. Below, we have detailed each of the levels for its two formulas: The small and The large.

See the Prixtel offer

The Le petit mobile plan has three levels: 40 GB for 4.99 euros, then 50 GB for 7.99 euros and finally 60 GB for 9.99 euros. If you use less than 40 GB per month, you will therefore always stay under 4.99 euros. On the other hand, if you need a little flexibility over a period of time, you can climb to the top two tiers for a reasonable cost.

In the end, this evolving structure is reminiscent of a 3-in-1 mobile plan. These higher levels are worthy of competitive packages and not as out-of-package. The data price ratio for these three levels is in any case very interesting. It will also be recalled that these mobile subscriptions are non-binding.

The little

The big one (5G)

Above, you therefore have the price of each mobile plan – with the three associated levels. Month after month, the price will therefore change according to your needs. The current offer put forward by Prixtel is really very convincing. The small difference for this package The big one is that it is also compatible with SFR’s 5G network. So you have a 5G package at less than 10 euros per month, which has never been seen.

For the start of the school year, Prixtel really explodes the prices of its mobile plan. But do not believe that it will last very long: it definitely ends on Tuesday. Note that as part of this offer, the price is advantageous for the first year. Beyond that, it will be necessary to add 5 euros per month. It is still much cheaper than all the traditional players.

RED by SFR is still a must

RED by SFR is today one of the best known brands if you choose a mobile plan. With its recognizable graphic charter, the operator is very successful. For 10 years, he has been promoting non-binding packages which also have very low prices. If they are not as weak as those of Prixtel, there will necessarily be amateurs.

RED by SFR also uses the SFR network for its offer. At the moment, its most popular mobile plan is the one that includes unlimited calls / SMS as well as 70 GB for 13 euros per month. There are also three other offers available in the range. The smallest includes 5 GB for 5 euros per month. As for the largest, it includes 130 GB for 19 euros per month. There are discounts compared to the usual prices displayed.

To change mobile plan, the RED by SFR back-to-school season is at the top:

See the RED by SFR offer

B & You in continuity

B & You is Bouygues Telecom’s non-binding mobile plan brand. It is largely inspired by RED by SFR on prices. At all times, the two brands follow and resemble each other. We therefore have the same subscriptions as with the previous telecom operator, with a small difference. For example, its 70 GB subscription is 12.99 euros per month.

There are a few small changes that should be kept in mind. First of all, the Bouygues Telecom network is better than that of SFR according to ARCEP. This is especially the case in more rural areas where Bouygues Telecom is really excellent. Note that there is still a small difference on the data envelope that is given in the EU and the DOM between the two operators.

You can find current Bouygues Telecom offers here:

See the B & You offer

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