Galaxy S21: the official site smashes the prices, Samsung is unbeatable 🔥

The entire range of Samsung Galaxy S21 is at a reduced price on the official website for the start of the school year. By accumulating the current benefits, you will save a nice sum on this excellent high-end smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 are in the spotlight on the official website, the brand has decided to make discounts on premium smartphones for the start of the school year. As part of the operation Back to school, you can save almost half the base price of the phone of your choice from the range. To do this, you must add all the benefits to which you are entitled. We will detail these further, but here is already an overview:

  • Up to 160 euros immediate discount
  • 110 euros bonus taken over in addition to the initial amount
  • 5% en points Samsung Rewards

To access these offers on these Samsung Galaxy S21, it’s here:

See Samsung offers

Why choose the Samsung Galaxy S21?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 are the brand’s latest premium smartphones. This new range was formalized during the traditional Unpacked event held in January 2021. It has been a great success since its arrival on the market due to its excellent update which concerns both design and technical characteristics.

While these Galaxy S21s rank among the best smartphones in the world right now, their initial price tag may still seem high to many. With the advantages underway, this range becomes accessible to a greater number, it is the perfect opportunity to make substantial savings on the phone.

Several models and colors are already out of stock, which is proof of the success of the Galaxy S21. With the current offers, there is a good chance that this will soon be the case for everyone within hours. This will help strengthen the appeal of smartphones to the public, do not wait to crack if you are interested in these premium phones.

If you pick up a Samsung Galaxy S21 from the official website, you will be delivered within 2 to 3 working days (excluding exclusive colors). You have the right to a 14-day withdrawal period after ordering, which means that you can change your mind and return the phone by parcel. In this case, know that the return is supported by the brand and that you are refunded in full on the device.

Exceptional advantages on the S21

The advantages on the Samsung Galaxy S21 are very numerous, it is by cumulating them that you will benefit from the best possible discount on the smartphone. At first, the official site offers a reduction on the whole range. It’s simple and effective, it comes into effect as soon as you have added the device to the basket. The amount of the discount changes depending on the model, here is the detail:

  • Galaxy S21 (all models, all colors): 60 euros
  • Galaxy S21 + or S21 Ultra (128 GB or 256 GB, all colors): 110 euros
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra (512 Go, tous coloris) : 160 euros

This immediate discount is already a great way to lower the price of the Samsung Galaxy S21, but that’s not all. The brand highlights a take-back bonus of 100 euros. By taking your next phone from the store, the brand encourages you to return your current smartphone. The bonus of 100 euros is added to the sum of the basic recovery, it can quickly represent several hundred euros. All brands are affected, the more recent and in good condition your device is, the greater the total amount of the reimbursement.

See Samsung offers

The last benefit honored by the brand represents 5% in Samsung Rewards points. This percentage of the total amount of your order is added to a prize pool on your Samsung account. You can use it from your next order on the site, which can quickly lower the prices of your next accessories (protective shell, wireless charger, etc.). These advantages give you the possibility to enjoy the Galaxy S21 for a much lower amount, it is an opportunity not to be missed.

How to choose from the Galaxy S21?

This new range unveiled a little over six months ago has three models: the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra. All are presented as premium smartphones, they are similarities but also differences that justify the price differences between each version. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the most upscale. Here is what it is for the technical characteristics.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 all benefit from an AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, the sizes differ according to the models: they are respectively 6.2, 6.7 and 6.8 inches. Each version of this range is entitled to a quadruple photo module installed in a small dedicated block in the corner on the back of the device. The brand does not skimp on the photo offer, the result is very appreciable even when it is dark. Otherwise, the selfie camera is integrated directly into the screen to allow an impressive screen-to-body ratio and thin sober borders surround the front panel. The design of these smartphones is pleasant and modern, you have the choice between several colors.

For the power part, the Samsung Galaxy S21 benefit from the presence of the Exynos 2100 chip. Developed by the manufacturer, this processor is the most powerful in the world for Android smartphones. It runs games and apps so that you can enjoy the phone without lag time. It also offers battery management and image processing.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 are entitled to 4000, 4800 and 5500 mAh batteries compatible with fast, wireless and even reverse charging. This ensures that you regain a good part of the autonomy in a few tens of minutes. Overall, these models benefit from all the technical specifications expected for smartphones of this caliber, do not wait to take advantage of the offers on the official site.

To take advantage of these offers on the Samsung Galaxy S21, it’s here:

See Samsung offers

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