Makka, electric moped for urban and adventure trips

Electric motorcycles have become an increasingly popular vehicle among users who love this mode of transport. In that sense, Cake, the Swedish personal mobility company has unveiled its latest addition to this range.

It is Makka, a moped designed to offer the user a vehicle with the capacity to transport a considerable weight load, as well as going out for a weekend ride.

So too, Makka can be acquired in different settings. Its structure allows the placement of baskets or boxes for travelers or extra seats to increase the passenger capacity of the vehicle.

A peculiarity of Makka is that it has the possibility of not even requiring a motorcycle license to be able to drive it.

This is how Makka constitutes the third platform from its range within Cake, a company that also has a series of electric motorcycles called Kalk, as well as the interesting Ösa 2019.

In addition to the characteristics described above, Makka has a luggage rack fixed to the seat tube and located on the rear tire, so that it can facilitate the transport of different objects.

Added to this, Makka possesses a rigid aluminum trunk for you to store all those fragile objects, as well as the possibility of integrating traditional bags. In addition, Makka offers you the possibility of incorporating a Universal adapter to the rear rack in case you want to add a bicycle trailer or a removable seat to carry an average size passenger or child.

It is worth mentioning that Makka will be marketed in two variants: Makka Flex with a maximum speed of 45 km/h and Makka Range with a speed of 25 km/h maximum. Regarding its autonomy, the Makka Flex can travel a distance 50 km and the Range 60 km, both thanks to the presence of a removable lithium ion battery.

Tires 14 inch offer off-road driving on board this vehicle. Finally, the value of this electric motorcycle will be $ 3,500 for the Makka Range and $ 3,800 for the Makka Flex, both being able to exceed their initial value depending on the accessories you wish to integrate into the structure.

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