A DDoS attack usually lasts only 6 minutes on average

DDoS attacks are extremely common every day, all over the world. They occur when one or more hackers decide to destroy a website by making millions of simultaneous accesses, exceeding the capacity of the server where said website is hosted.

These accesses are made by bots, by programs that make requests automatically, and although there are systems to circumvent them, not all of them are very effective (it also depends on the type of DDoS attack).

The fact is that in the press only attacks that last for many hours and that are capable of taking down well-known websites appear, but attacks lasting a few minutes are very frequent, and they constantly take down sites all over the planet. On average, they only last about 6 minutes.

This is how it shows a report published by Imperva Research Labs after analyzing the first half of 2021.

Still, even if they are short-lived, it is important to note that most of these attacks are a diversionary tactic that are part of a larger attack. While the IT team is concentrating on rejecting the attack requests, the hackers are busy performing other tasks.

The most frequent days for attacks are Sundays, when the IT team is not working (or they only have one for “urgent matters”).

In recent years these attacks have increased because it is very easy to hire them. It is possible to contract a DDoS attack for little money, although the price always depends on the duration of the attack.

The reason these are short and sharp attacks is straightforward, as they can cause damage and disappear before the backup cloud is deployed. The attackers prefer to carry out several 6-minute attacks during the day than a continuous 3-hour attack, which is more difficult to reject.

In 2020, DDoS attacks in the world increased by 200%, and in 2021 it has grown even more.

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