A new model can be put together by Redmi

The 6.67 “and 120 Hz AMOLED panels, the Snapdragon 870 and the 50-megapixel camera were already available elsewhere, but can now be added to one device.


A Digital Chat Station is one of China’s most trusted mobile market informants, so it might be worthwhile to dissert on the rumors he’s heard, among which a new Redmi has now reappeared. Of course, the “new model” can often be quoted, because devices with, say, 6.67 “and 120 Hz AMOLED panels and Snapdragon 870 have been used so far, depending on the market only. Mi 11X, possibly Redmi K40 were given a name while a Black Shark 4 Increased the image refresh rate to 144 Hz.

Black Shark 4 also offered a 6.67 “AMOLED panel at FHD resolution at 144 Hz only [+]

The three models have a common 48-megapixel main camera, while the new Redmi, which is in the pipeline, can combine the indicated Snapdragon and the 120 Hz FHD + AMOLED panel with a 50-megapixel main unit, such as the Redmi 10 good feature. The situation at Xiaomin is a bit like at Family Guy’s joke factory: there’s a bunch of parts from which manatees weave any number of random smartphones together. The “new” Redmi in question K40S obsession K50 you can get a name – at least in China, because it could easily be that by the time you land elsewhere, a completely different inscription will bloom on the box.

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