Are you planning a vacuum robot that can climb stairs?

Dyson is apparently planning a stair-climbing vacuum robot. Indications for this can be found in a patent application from the company.

A vacuum robot that can climb stairs and open doors

When you talk about vacuum robots, you sometimes come across what vacuum robots are currently not yet able to do and what could be the next blatant step in further development. Climbing stairs is a point that is often mentioned, because no model available on the market can do this.

Dyson is apparently in the process of working on exactly this feature. A patent application from Dyson has recently surfaced, which speaks of a vacuum robot with Tri-Star wheels and a gripper arm. On the enclosed sketches you can see how Dyson imagines a stair-climbing vacuum robot. The gripper arm is supposed to support the vacuum robot while it climbs steps with its special wheel arrangement.

Of course, it is not at all clear whether we are seeing a draft for a new vacuum robot here. Another sketch shows how the gripper arm holds a cup. So it is entirely possible that we are dealing with a whole new type of household robot.

Image source: IPO

I am very curious when there will be more information about this project. A stair-climbing vacuum robot would definitely be something that many users are longingly waiting for. If Dyson then gets the weaknesses of his current vacuum robot under control, things could get really exciting.


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