Background music for videos, automatically adapted with the help of an AI

Musicalizing a video clip is no easy task when every detail involved is attended to. First, it is necessary to have the rights or permissions to use a particular audio, unless it is licensed for free use. Once this stage is over, if you are looking for a cleaner edition, it is time to properly match the musical segments with the different cuts and moments that the video in question has.

In the audiovisual production profession, this is a routine task and in most cases, it is executed mechanically. However, this part of the post-production process can be a real problem for those who do not master the appropriate skills, for cases in which they do not have a computer that allows fluent editing or, simply, for those people who do not have the time it takes to select and edit music. An AI offers an alternative to simplify this whole process with a couple of clicks.

Music generated tailored to each video clip

Speaking of generated music through artificial intelligence mechanisms, Mubert is an old acquaintance. A few years ago, we could see it as a simple, but interesting application that brought out the potential of its algorithm for the generation of infinite music tracks, based on the combination of its library of audio samples.

Today things look different. Mubert is a much more complete platform, which in addition to offering a platform for listening to various proposals for self-generated music, also offers an API for developers to integrate this technology into their applications and also has a platform for musicians, who can market their music. recordings to integrate them into the database of this system.

To those services, a utility is now integrated for the audiovisual post-production scenarios mentioned at the beginning, the tasks of musicalizing a video clip. The tool presented for this purpose is Mubert Render.

Mubert’s proposal is a complete alternative to “stock music”, the label used to refer to tracks from sound banks. With Mubert Render it is possible to generate a track that adapts to the duration of the video clip, leaving the user to choose the genre and mood they are looking for to set the music.

If you are looking for a quick solution, just generate an audio for the entire duration of the video. On the other hand, if you want to get more out of this tool, you can also generate different tracks for different moments of the clip.

Just as it is possible to generate a personalized track based on the indicated criteria, Mubert Render will also present, together with that melody, a list of related music, generated in previous instances.

This tool is paid, through different planes subscription. However, to know its interface and results from the experience itself, they offer the generation of a first track for free.

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