Chrome for Android experiments with tab group improvements

Taking into account that it never rains to everyone’s liking, from Google they are working to make the groups of tabs in Chrome for Android become the least annoying possible for users.

To understand the situation, we must go back to the beginning of this year, when Google officially launched the groups of tabs in Chrome for Android, allowing users who were not interested in having this function, the ability to deactivate it through its corresponding flag.

But with the launch of Chrome 91, Google eliminated that flag, generating the anger of many users when they found this feature activated again, mobilizing with suggestions and comments to make the company understand that they do not agree on the way in which Tab groups work in Chrome for Android.

In this regard, and quite recently, Google is testing two novelties in this regard in its Latest beta of Chrome for Android to make groups of tabs as less obtrusive as possible.

On the one hand, New links prepared to open in new tabs will stop automatically creating new groups, and on the other hand, pressing the links will also give the option in the pop-up menu so that they can be opened in new tabs without the need to create new groups.

For those who opt for groups of tabs, they will be able to drag the open tabs to the tab switcher to generate the corresponding groups, and in the pop-up menu there will also be the option “Open in a new tab in the group”.

According to an updated support page:

In this experiment, links that open in a new tab will no longer automatically create a group while browsing. It also adds an option to open links in a new tab without creating a group from the long press menu. You will still be able to create a group of tabs by dragging and dropping on the tab switcher, or by selecting “Open in new tab in group” from the long-press link menu, but you will only see one if you create it yourself.

It is already a question of whether the tests become successful so that these news can sooner or later reach the stable version of Chrome for Android, benefiting both those who wish to have and use this function and those who are not interested in creating groups of tabs.

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